Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Iv been stuck on the thought of recreating the bodies for the earlier shown face scans, iv been desperate to see what they would look like if we reattach the distorted faces to the bodies upon which they were once attached. Some of the faces were distorted to the point that they looked like they were the faces from 2 separate bodies that had collided and merged into a one faced, two bodied being. Almost as if they were siamese or conjoined twins sharing a face. Another desire of mine is to recreate this idea in high detail on a large scale, possibly life-sized. To make this idea a reality i have gone on a search for some primary research in order to get the scale and body proportions correct, and where better to look than the owner of the warped face. I asked my model to lie in a series of different positions in order to create something that might connect to the face, using the powers of Photoshop i have made a rough template that i can draw from and work into, this is the one i have chosen to start with...

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