Wednesday, 30 March 2011


So the template has been scaled up and i have begun work on the piece, i'm using dip pen and ink on this so its extremely time consuming due to the scale of the media i am using to draw compared to the scale of the paper, i am currently still working on this (nearly there now!)
I have been thinking about what my work will look like in my graduation show and at the following exhibition 'Brink' that will be held in Brick Lane, i want my work to capture the audience and cause them to ask the question... 'what am i looking at?' Whe
n this image is complete and hopefully looking good, my ambition is to create a series of similar themed yet very different large images that will look great in the up and coming exhibitions.

However, as i have spent a lot of time on this single drawing i made the decision to record my progress by means of a stop frame animation, here are a few photographs and stills from the animation so far...

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