Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I have made alterations to this 2 metre wide piece as it felt somewhat incomplete. I also feel it is now prepared to be displayed as a collection amongst the 'I Am Beautiful.' collage faces, photographic face scan ins and sections of the large scale piece i produced a week or 2 ago. This piece interlinks with all 3 of the aforementioned styles and i hope if i get the opportunity (enough exhibition space) to exhibit all of this at the same time, then they will work together to show a dynamic cross section of my work.

This project has been based upon various aspects of beauty and the human form. The 4 'I am Beautiful.' faces, shown in the previous post are based upon the idea of trying to cover up or distract from ugliness and imperfections, i portrayed this by the use of easy-on-the-eye patterns that distracted from the fact that the faces were actually horribly distorted and crumpled. I wanted to transpose the idea of beauty being reflected by such distractions and so again decided to involve floral patterns in this piece. This time i wanted to illustrate the idea of being 'beautiful on the inside' as opposed to being visually beautiful. The patterns illustrate the skin of the plain figure whereas the highly defined 'beautiful' figure jumps from the page, flowers clinging to the outside of its silhouette, as if not needed.

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