Tuesday, 10 May 2011


To accompany the large piece in the exhibition, i set out to produce smaller images to that would be in keeping with the image but in a lighter style. The following 4 images play off the notion of Beauty and what is considered beautiful. The structure of the faces are drawn from work i have produced during this unit but have worked with collage in order to set the faces alive. The face outlines are from the distorted studies i made from the face scans earlier in the project, and i have built them up with floral patterns, wallpaper and other found materials. I have used these patterns which we may consider pretty or easy on the eye to try and soften the ugly faces almost as a camouflage. This is after all, what make-up wearing women do everyday, trying to soften imperfections with camouflage or make-up. Are they beautiful? or are they still ugly?

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