Sunday, 3 April 2011


I've finally finished this drawing, and have also produced a quick stop frame animation of its gradual growth. Hopefully this will lead onto other similar studies. I was rather suprised at how enjoyable working to this large scale was, as i am often guilty of becoming sketchbook bound! I would like to try out the same concept with other faces/bodies as i am aware that these will be exhibited, ithink the large scale would look impressive in my graduation show and our following London show 'BRINK'.


Here is a shot from the animation which shows the entire piece...
In this piece the actual image is in brown and white.
I am pleased with the way in which the image developed, i took inspiration for
this piece from a previous piece of work of mine. This is the following image, it shows a human form but the way the piece is less detailed or perhaps unfinished in places makes the image somewhat ambiguous- is this a male or female? Are they sleeping or are they dead? I was keen to translate this style onto my most recent work and so i made the decision to leave parts in a less finished state as i was drawing.

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